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Carn was an early Maudra of the Spriton Clan and mother to Thall, who lived during the early Age of Division. She was one of the primary architects of the Alliance of the Crystal, formed in response to the Makrak crisis.


Alarmed by the destruction of Podling settlements by the marauding Makraks, Carn feared that they would soon strike at her own village and summoned skekVar, the Skeksis ambassador, to ask for assistance. SkekVar accepted her request, declaring that all his comrades asked in return was the honor to protect Thra's inhabitants, along with goods and arms to fight in the Gelflings' stead.[3]

Carn subsequently journeyed to the Castle of the Crystal to meet with Emperor skekSo, where the two rulers formed the Alliance of the Crystal, aimed at safeguarding the Gelfling race and bringing about a new golden age on Thra. Upon returning to her village, she was confronted by Raunip, who warned her of his suspicions over the Skeksis, only to be cast out.[3]

After the Skeksis were prevented from massacring the Makraks by the urRu, Carn participated in the peace negotiation which culminated in Raunip guiding them to the Field of Fire.[3]


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Dc Encylo logo Carn in The Dark Crystal - Encyclopedia

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