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Foolish child! You must forget! I'll make you forget! You just-

Elder Cadia[1]

Elder Cadia was a Gelfling elder and soothsayer of the Sifa Clan during the late Age of Division.[2]


Cadia met Brea when she sought out the Sifa for answers about a symbol she saw, which to him entailed death. He tried to trick Brea, telling her the answer could only be found in the Dream Space and that she must drink powdered nulroot, in actuality an amnesia inducing poison, to get there. Brea distracted him with money and swapped the drinks, causing him to drink it himself and lose his memory. As his memory began to fade, Brea admitted her trickery, and he attacked Brea only to be knocked out by his assistant Onica. On waking, he knew absolutely nothing, and said "hello" copiously.[1]

Elder Cadia was later brought before Seladon so that she could assess the damage to his memory. She tried to welcome him normally, but all he said was "hello" repeatedly, eventually commenting on her "nice shiny palace" before continuing to say "hello". He also greeted Brea afterward, until ordered away by Onica, the new Sifan Elder. He was seen joining the battle of Stone-in-the-wood against the Skeksis[3] although he still remained completely clueless due to the lasting effects of the concoction Brea gave him.



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