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By Gelfling Hand… is the sixth episode of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, season one. It was released on Netflix with the rest of the season on August 30, 2019.


Lore breaks out of his chamber to help Brea. As news of the General's deed spreads, Seladon calls the other Maudras to the Citadel.



Brea, along with Deet, Hup, and the volunteers, are escorted toward a cage attached to the Skeksis' carriage. Impressed by Brea's vitality, skekVar dismisses several of the "volunteers", intending to drain Brea and company for their essence instead. Rian, Gurjin, Naia, and Kylan witness this and gave chase, even as Lore rises from his obedient stillness and bursts forth from his chamber in pursuit, destroying the Vapran throne and unseating Seladon in the process.

Lore running

Lore to the rescue!

As the carriage passes through the Endless Forest, Rian and company intercept it at a choke point, forcing the Armaligs to halt. Rian taunts skekVar while Naia, Gurjin, and Kylan attempt to open the cage, but are unable to do so until Lore barrels into view and rips it open, freeing Brea and the other prisoners and frightening the Skeksis away. To convince the paladin volunteers of his good intentions, Rian dreamfasts with them and sends them to spread word of the Skeksis' treachery

In Ha'rar, Seladon sends away six windsifters with pieces of the Living Crown for the other Maudras to return and reassemble as part of her coronation ceremony. Despite The Librarian's protests, she orders Mayrin's body burned. Meanwhile, skekSil arrives in Stone-in-the-Wood, walking due to his carriage being destroyed, and is quickly shunned and pelted with peach berries. At the same time, skekVar and skekZok arrive at the Castle of the Crystal empty handed, while the castle guard prepare to revolt due to news from the escaped Vapran paladins.

Mayrin burning

Mayrin's pyre

Brea, Rian, Deet, Gurjin, Naia, Kylan, and Hup continue to the Crystal Desert. They make camp at the edge where Deet suggests to a distraught Brea that they perform their own ceremony for the death of Mayrin. Aughra catches up with urVa, tasking him with confronting skekMal in the Crystal Desert. Brea and the gang create a dream stich of memories of Mayrin, and sing a dirge in Old Gelfling for Mayrin together. At the Castle of the Crystal, the Skeksis turn on their Gelfling guards, informed of their treachery by Tolyn and capture all but one.

In Ha'rar, Maudra Fara arrives to crown the new All-Maudra, but quickly comes into conflict with Seladon when the latter insists they obey the Lords of the Crystal, rebuffing Fara's promise to avenge Mayrin. When skekSil returns to the castle, he's informed by SkekAyuk about skekVar murdering Mayrin and the Skeksis's battle with the Gelfing guards. Following skekAyuk to the castle's dining hall, skekSil finds the other Skeksis feasting on abundant essence. Although skekSil tries to convince them of the danger of the Stonewood Rebellion, they only see the revolt as an opportunity to harvest more essence, and quickly send skekSil away due to his smell.

As the Maudras all gather for Seladon's coronation, Maudras Argot (by proxy), Mera, Ethri, and Seethi support her as All-Maudra. Maudra Fara, with support from Maudra Laesid, withholds her blessing and challenges Seladon to a Trial by Air. In the Crystal Desert, the Dousan Rek'yr hears Brea and her companions' dirge for Mayrin, and offers to ferry them wherever they wish to go; however, when Brea asks to be taken to the Circle of the Suns, Rek'yr offers to take her to the Wellspring instead of the "cursed" and "forbidden" ruins. He relents when Brea puts his courage to question and agrees to take them as far as he was able. Despite Rian, Hup, and others having reservations about Rek'yr being Dousan, Brea accepts and they set off, leaving Naia, Gurjin, and Kylan behind to spread word of the Skeksis' deeds. SkekMal spots them and pursues.

Skeksis-inspired outfit

Seladon's black crown and Garthic-inspired outfit

Once more in Ha'rar, Maudra Fara prepares to fly around "Raunip's Pass" as part of the Trial by Air, but Seladon dons a custom-made, Garthic-inspired outfit with sinister makeup. Arriving just as Maudra Fara is about to take the crown in impatience, Seladon cedes it to Fara, declaring the object a "sad relic of a failed rebellion". Laesid accuses Seladon of defiling her mother's legacy, while Seladon accused Laesid of inviting ruin with her warmongering.


In order of appearance:

Character Voice Puppeteer
SkekVar the General Benedict Wong Kevin Clash
SkekZok the Ritual Master Keegan-Michael Key Victor Yerrid
Brea Anya Taylor-Joy Alice Dinnean
Deet Nathalie Emmanuel Beccy Henderson
Hup Victor Yerrid Victor Yerrid
Lore N/A Damian Farrell
Rian Taron Egerton Neil Sterenberg
Kylan Shazad Latif Victor Yerrid
Gurjin Harris Dickinson Dave Chapman
Naia Hannah John-Kamen Beccy Henderson
Seladon Gugu Mbatha-Raw Helena Smee
Red-Haired Paladin Warrick Brownlow-Pike Warrick Brownlow-Pike
The Librarian Toby Jones Kevin Clash
SkekSil the Chamberlain Simon Pegg Warrick Brownlow-Pike
SkekOk the Scroll Keeper Neil Sterenberg Neil Sterenberg
SkekEkt the Ornamentalist Alice Dinnean Alice Dinnean
Aughra Donna Kimball Kevin Clash
SkekAyuk the Gourmand Harvey Fierstein Louise Gold
Maudra Fara Lena Headey Alice Dinnean
Podling Servant #1 Warrick Brownlow-Pike Warrick Brownlow-Pike
Podling Servant #2 Louise Gold Louise Gold
SkekSo the Emperor Jason Isaacs Dave Chapman
SkekTek the Scientist Mark Hamill Olly Taylor
SkekLach the Collector Awkwafina Helena Smee
Gruenak #1 Kevin Clash Kevin Clash
Tavra Caitriona Balfe Neil Sterenberg
Maudra Mera Nina Sosanya Neil Sterenberg
Maudra Laesid Nimmy March Warrick Brownlow-Pike
Maudra Seethi Kemi-Bo Jacobs Beccy Henderson
Maudra Ethri Beccy Henderson Louise Gold
Rek'yr Theo James Olly Taylor
SkekMal the Hunter Ralph Ineson Kevin Clash

Additional Puppeteers: Derek Arnold, Don Austen, William Banyard, Amber Beattie, Daisie Beattie, Sue Beattie, Mikey Brett, Lynn Robertson Bruce, Sarah Burgess, Tim Cherry-Jones, Sheila Clark, Marcus Clarke, Patrick Comerford, Richard Coombs, Fred Davis, Callum Dixon, Ronnie Le Drew, Phil Eason, Josh Elwell, Iestyn Evans, Cecily Fay, Julia Frost, Lesa Gillespie, Joe Greco, Claire Roi Harvey, Andy Heath, Mark Jefferis, Nick Kellington, Chris Kendall, Steven Kynman, Matthew Lyons, Mark Mander, Lewis McCabe, Alison McGowan, Rebecca Nagan, Steve Nallon, Wim Oppenheimer, Angie Passmore, Kerris Peeling, Colin Purves, Hugh Purves, Andy Robb, Trovy Simpson, Andrew Spooner, Yvonne Stone, David Taylor, Chris Thatcher, Dilpreet Kaur Walia, Mark Whitaker, Victoria Willing, Michael Windsor, Phill Woodfine, Fran Wright and Liam Wright.

Additional Voices: Dave Chapman, Stewart Clarke, Barbara Drennan, Alice Dinnean, Damian Farrell, William Gaminara, Louise Gold, Beccy Henderson, Isabella Laughland, Omar Malik, Sarah Beck Mather, Jack Myers, Mark Restuccia, Irfan Shamji, Katherine Smee, Neil Sterenberg, Olly Taylor and Victor Yerrid.


When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone,
Shall be whole,
The two made one,
By Gelfling hand or else by none.

The title of this episode is a line spoken by Jen when he reads the prophecy on the Wall of Destiny in The Dark Crystal.


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