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"What is all this? Weapons, armor...all from Gelfling guards."
"Look here, the name on this armor, "Bolan". The Castle Guard...the Skeksis killed them all!"
"We must inform the Spriton at once. Surely, this revelation will change their view of the Skeksis "Lords".

Bolan was a Gelfling of the Spriton Clan and a member of the Castle Guard at the Castle of the Crystal.


Bolan was killed alongside his comrades in the Castle Guard, their essence drained and consumed by the Skeksis. Bolan's sister believed the fugitives Rian and Gurjin to be responsible for his death, and she and a group of other Gelfling of the Spriton Clan attacked them when they entered Sami Thicket. Once the fight concluded, Rian insisted the her and his allies were no killers and offered to investigate the Castle of the Crystal for news of Bolan's fate. They entered the Castle vault and discovered the discarded weapons and armor of the guards, including one marked with Bolan's name. They returned to Sami Thicket and confirmed their findings to the Spriton, which convinced them to join the Gelfling resistance.[1]