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The Boblings were a race native to the intestinal tract of the Mondo Levidian. A subspecies of Podling, the Boblings differed from their forebears in sporting a crustacean-like lower body and tail, facial whiskers and clawed, four-fingered hands.[1] They also had the ability to regurgitate a sticky goo which they used to immobilize enemies.[2] Their upper bodies and faces were, nevertheless, recognizably Podling, and they still spoke the Podling language.[1]


The Boblings were the descendants of Podlings who, thousands of trine ago, sought out new territories by navigating the Silver Sea, only to be swallowed by the Mondo Levidian. As thousands of trine passed, the swallowed Podlings adapted to their new environment until they became a new race. By the late Age of Division, the Boblings were united under a monarchy, having found unity among their tribes during the Intestinal Wars, with the seat of power being the village of Bajula. They were at one point visited by All-Maudra Seladon, who bestowed them with gifts. Around 10-12 digestive cycles later, they came across Mayrin and Kam'lu, who had been swallowed while attempting to avert the Age of Sifans crisis. The Bobling king agreed to help them escape, and sent his daughter Gunda to lead them to the Mondo Levidian's porticol.[1]



A Bobling Warrior

Being cut off from the light of the Three Suns and the changing of the seasons, the Boblings kept track of time by counting the Mondo Levidian's digestive cycles and skin moltings. They survived by feeding on edible gut flora, cultivated in goo farms, and drinking naturally fermented Sebrie milk wine.[1] Wounds were treated using a disinfectant made from the Mondo Levidian's fermented digestive acids. They also scavenged from the wrecks the Mondo Levidian swallowed, discarding anything they couldn't use into the sea monster's Toothrakes.[2]

Once they came of age, they would be gifted with a ceremonial jangler, a bioluminescent antenna which they wore on their heads to traverse the darker areas of their cavernous world. Their weapons were fashioned from fish bones and their shields from their own goo.[1]

Notlable Boblings[]


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