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Bobb'N was Deet's younger brother who lived during the late Age of Division.


Bobb'N lived in Grot with his fathers and sister Deet. When she went out on her daily scavenging and flew above the village, Bobb'N excitedly noticed her, causing him to jump up and down as he called for his sister. Later that day, after Deet recovered from her attack from the Nurlocs, he watched over his sister beside his fathers, waiting for Maudra Argot to examine her. When she told Deet she must go see the All-Maudra to stop the Darkening, Bobb'N sadly asked why Deet had to go as his father comforts him. They all saw Deet off as the Sanctuary Tree took her up to the surface. [1]

When Deet returned back to Grot with Rian, they encountered Bobb'N before it was revealed that he'd being controlled by the Arathim, just like everyone else in the village. Deet, heartbroken, tried to reach out to Bobb'N, believing that her sweet baby brother was still in there somewhere despite being possessed by a Threader and Bobb'N repeating that they were not Bobb'N, but rather the Ascendancy. Bobb'N then called other Arathim to the area, prompting Deet and Rian run away. Later, Bobb'N seemed to regain some control, saving Deet from a possessed Rian. He allowed Deet to speak before the Ascendancy and convince them to revolt against the Skeksis. When the Arathim agreed, Bobb'N returned to a cheerful childling Gelfling as the Arathim released him. Bobb'N was then seen with his fathers as they escaped through the Sanctuary Tree and camp out with the other survivors.[2]



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