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As Fireling, we are born of death. The death of the world above sent Chal and Saluna here to begin our people. I told you we were split, tribes here and there, divided by the river until they drowned it in out flame. The death of that river became Mithra for generations. The Great Dim was our burning of the river. Now we can be rebuilt. We only have to dim our past. I'll continue to shatters the hallows for you, but one of you must extinguish the other in what's left of that river. I saved that water years ago as others around me dimmed with age. I am The Fire That Stays and I give you a Drowning Spear. My gift to my generation, my gift to Mithra. My gift to my Queen.

Beneath the Dark Crystal #8 is the eighth issue of Beneath the Dark Crystal. It is included in Beneath the Dark Crystal Vol. 2.


Kensho finally arrives at his destination, only to be confronted by a ghost of his past. Meanwhile, Thurma and Nita are beginning to bond—but the Fire That Stays may have other ideas in mind...[1]


In Mithra, Thurma is at the waterfall, conflicted about the path ahead of her. Tumby places a glass jar on his head, which gives her an idea. She wakes Nita and tells her that they cannot build the Glass Castle if they only wish to rule, but must be willing to help the Firelings, unite them and give them the hope they had before the Great Dim. They then make their way to the waterfall.

On Thra, Dihnmor, Danevay and Aiyana learn Kensho's true identity from Aughra and conclude that he has lied to them and used them to achieve his own goals. They leave the Valley of the urRu and when Toolah learns that he came there to try and fix himself, she storms off in anger for him breaking up the group.

In Mithra, Thurma and Nita work together to form a glass shield around themselves and pass through the waterfall. The current is strong and the glass begins to break as they near the end, but they successfully reach the other side and find a mysterious weapon.

In Thra, Aughra criticizes Kensho's leadership and tells him that he will be unable to love others if he cannot find love for himself. She tells him that he must use his light to inspre others as he did in Dagger Root rather than running away from the things that challenge him, work with others to defeat the monsters of the world and be a symbol of what the Gelfling can be.

In Mithra, Thurma and Nita are unsure what to do with the weapon and at Nita's suggestion they read the fire for answers. They discover that The Fire That Stays is behind the Fragor attacks, threatening to kill their hatchlings if they do not obey him. He then appears and confronts them, revealing that he intends to destroy Mithra so that it can be rebuilt anew, offering the Drowned Spear to whichever of them becomes the Ember Queen. Fueled by anger, Thurma makes to go after him, but Nita urges her to calm down so that they may work together to save their people. As they read the fire again, Thurma communicates with Kensho.



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