Belleg, remembers the first Garthim raids which took place when he was a boy he also remembers when Gelfling and Skeksis were friends before something dark happened to the Skeksis and the Gelflings soon found themselves the pray.  Belleg however has also demonstrated a more playful side to him when he interacts with Smeeshun a very hyperactive Gelfling child in the village.  One such example is when Smeeshun interupts a discussion at the elder's roundtable he warns Smeeshun that "the Garthim are.." he pauses "VERY FAST!" he then shouts quickly grabbing the child and startling everyone in the room.  The room soon fills with laughter as everyone realizes this is only a joke "Gotcha" Belleg says as he plays with Smeeshun in his arms. His sense of humor is further seen in the second volume as Smeeshun again coming off very headstrong wants to go to the Castle with Lahr and Neffi. Belleg thinking quickly tells Smeeshun that he has a more important job for him that he needs Smeeshun to help Namopo Valley choose a new elder. Smeeshun takes right to it running around asking every adult in sight how old they are. Adeth clearly not as impressed with his antics replies sarcastically "Inspired idea." Belleg laughs "They'll be gone and far away before he realizes he's been distracted.".
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