What makes a hero? Is it his sword? Surely not, because swords eventually fail, no matter their temper. No. [...] In the end, it is not a hero's equipment, nor even his deeds, but the will to make things better than they were.


Barfinnious was a Vapran paladin who lived during the late Age of Division.

Personality Edit

Barfinnious once believed in the values of a paladin. However after seeing so much death during his battles, he became a cynical individual. Despite renouncing being a paladin, he took his previous life to his advantage but tailored himself as a bard sharing his stories. He displayed a more devious streak in his thefts when he robbed his clients of their money for the tithes. He was one of the rare Gelfling that was fluent in Podling, though enough to communicate for a drink at a bar.

Biography Edit

In his youth, he took part in a rescue mission during the Arathim Wars with a troop of other paladins to save a Vapran princess from a Silk Spitter nest.

The mission sadly resulted in the deaths of both the princess and all his comrades, leading Barfinnious to become disillusioned and become a bard, embellishing his stories for coin.

Thirty trine later, he sojourned at an inn in Sami Thicket, where he assumed the Podling cook, Hup, as a squire. During his stay, he stole the tithes meant for skekShod and spent them on drinks at a Podling village. There he confessed to Hup of the real story of hos failure to rescue the Vapran princess. When the Podling barkeep demanded payment, the bard attempted to pay him with a crystal from his porch but was seen through. This coincided with an angry mob of Gelfling from the inn searching for the bard.[1]


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