Baffi was the pet Fizzgig of Maudra Fara, matriarch of the Stonewood Clan.

History Edit

Baffi was present in Maudra Fara's court when Rian approached her to give his testimony of what happened to his love Mira. However the Stonewood Clan did not believe he, as the Skeksis had informed that that Rian was infected with a mental disease. Rian managed to escape through the ceiling and Baffi attempted to pursue him to the ceiling but failed. Later when the truth about the Skeksis were revealed, Mother Aughra came to Fara's domain to warn them of her vision, Baffi growled at her but soon found to be intimidated by the crone when she barked back.

Personality Edit

He could often be found at her side and fiercely defended her during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood, and mourned her along with Seladon after she was struck down by the Scroll-Keeper.

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