Everything in the heavens is here, moving as the heavens move. This is how to know when… Suns, moons, stars. Yes, the angle of eternity.

Aughra's Observatory was not only the home to Aughra, but also where Jen found the Shard of the Division. Jen reached the home of Aughra by following the Greater Sun from the Valley of the Mystics for a day.
Aughras observatory

The giant orrery within Aughra's observatory.

In the center of the observatory is a giant orrery, tracking the movements of all the planets and stars. It was here that Jen first learned of the Great Conjunction, for as Aughra claimed,

TekTih assisted Aughra in the construction of the observatory, prior to the division of the urSkeks. The observatory was destroyed by the Garthim in their hasty pursuit of Jen.

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