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The Ascendancy is not just another Arathim. It is a merging of many Arathim, a melding of minds to control and lead. When it rises, the horde follows...

Maudra Vala[1]
Ascendancy AoR comic

The Ascendancy was the hive mind of the Arathim, permitting the innumerable arachnid subspecies to share thoughts and emotions.[2] The degree of psychic union provided by the Ascendancy was such that an individual Arathim could feel the pain of another, and allowed them to communicate telepathically over vast distances, at least equivalent to those separating Grot from the Castle of the Crystal.[3] Because of its mistreatment by both Skeksis and Gelfling, the Ascendancy was by the Age of Division highly suspicious of other races and had developed a sharp tactical mind.[2]

When interacting with non-Arathim, the Ascendancy would communicate through a group of Arathim linking bodies and forming the semblance of a face which could speak vocally.[2] This union of bodies could also be used in combat, with the Arathim aggregating to form an enormous mass impervious to conventional blades which acted as the commander to a Spitter swarm.[1] Through the Threaders, the Ascendancy could also impose its control on non-Arathim races.[3]



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