Maudra Argot the Shadow Bender was the leader of the Grottan Clan during the late Age of Division.

Personality Edit

Maudra Argot was wise and motherly in her demeanor to members of her clan. She possessed great wisdom in healing gathered from her long life, and though she had lost her sight, she seemed to have not lost her sense of humor. She was aware of the fact that Sanctuary Trees had the ability to communicate though this occurrence was very rare.

Biography Edit

When Deet was recovering from her injuries, Argot arrived to provide medicine and help. Argot also vouched for Deet's honesty about a talking tree, advising her parents to allow her to depart, fight the Darkening, and warn All-Maudra Mayrin.[2]

Argot later received the windsifter with a seventh of the Living Crown, but rather than attend the coronation ceremony, she sent it back with her blessing as was typical of Grottan Maudras.[3]

During the Arathim attack on Domrak Village, Maudra Argot was possessed by a Threader and incorporated into their hive mind, the Ascendancy. However, Rian soon negotiated an alliance with the Arathim, and the Arathim released Argot from the hive mind.[4]

After ascending to the surface, Argot stopped Rian and Deet from going back into the caves for the Dual Glaive, revealing that she had half of of Glaive hidden in her walking stick the entire time. She gave it to Rian, although she regretted losing the stick, and recounted how she gave the other half to Ordon during the First Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood due to the Stonewood Maudra, who it was intended for, having been slain. The Glaive likely remained in Stone-in-the-Wood where Ordon left it, and when Rian and Deet recovered and and reformed the Dual Glaive, Argot was able to speak with Rian through the blue fires that its reformation conjured all across Thra. Argot advised him that he spoke to all Gelfling, and told him to "speak true"[5]

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