The Ascendancy is not just another Arathim. It is a merging of many Arathim, a melding of minds to control and lead. When it rises, the horde follows...

Maudra Vala[1]

The Arathim were a species of sentient spider-like creatures that functioned on a hive-mind known as the Ascendancy. The degree of psychic union provided by the Ascendancy was such that an individual Arathim could feel the pain of another, and allowed them to communicate telepathically over vast distances, at least equivalent to those separating Grot from the Castle of the Crystal.[2] At least three castes of Arathim were known: Silk Spitters, Poison Spitters and Threaders.

The Arathim initially lived in the caves of Grot, before being banished to the catacombs of the Castle of the Crystal by the Skeksis when they refused to serve them. The Skeksis then handed Grot to the ancestors of the Grottan Clan, thus causing the Arathim to feel bitter towards Gelflings.[2] Hundreds of trine later, the Arathim fought against the Stonewood Clan in what became known as the Arathim Wars, but were defeated during the First Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood.[3]

Thirty trine later, skekSo the Emperor convinced the Arathim to join the Skeksis in their war against the Gelfling resistance, promising to return their ancient homeland to them. Arathim forces lead by skekVar successfully defeated the Stonewood Rebellion, and then headed to Grot, unaware that the caves had been infected by the Darkening and that the Skeksis intended for them to die there.[2]

After securing Grot, the Arathim were trapped and attacked by darkened Nurlocs. They subsequently agreed to switch their allegiance to the Gelflings after Deet showed them a safe exit from the caves and promised to share Grot with them in the future.[4] The Ascendancy participated in the later stages of the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood, driving back the Skeksis and joining the Gelflings in the victory celebrations.[5]

During and after the battle, SkekTek created the first Garthim using Arathim and Gruenak corpses.[5]

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  • In the book series written by J.M.Lee, a third caste of Arathim are mentioned called Death Stingers.
  • Also in the same book series the Threaders are named as Crystal Singers

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