Amri was a Gelfling of the Grottan Clan.[1] He was the main protagonist and hero of J.M. Lee’s young adult tie-in novel, Tides of the Dark Crystal. He first appeared in Song of the Dark Crystal, and joined Naia and Kylan when they brought the news of the Skeksis betrayal to his clan.


Amri was born deep within the caves of Domrak, and since a young age has wanted to venture to the surface and tried to on countless occasions but always failed.

When he came to age, He was brought to the sanctuary tree along with Deet and some other children his age. Urlii taught him to read, write and dream stitch.

When Kylan, Naia and Tavra came into the caves of grot in search for Gyr's magic firca, Amri directed them to the tomb of relics where they found the ficra shattered into millions of little pieces.

Naia's Quest Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Many fans were curious about Amri’s fate when he did not appear in the cast list for Age of Resistance. However, it was later revealed that Tides of the Dark Crystal, which was published in December of 2018, was written after the entirety of the Age of Resistance script was completed.[2]

References Edit

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