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Newly crowned Mayrin

All-Maudra Mayrin upon her ascension

The All-Maudra was the ruler of the entire Gelfling race during the Age of Division, acting also as Maudra of her own clan and as the ambassador to the Skeksis.


The first All-Maudra was crowned shortly after the First Arathim Wars, in the early trine of the Age of Division.[1]

According to Skeksis propaganda, the title of All-Maudra was created by the Lords of the Crystal to bring unity to the constantly bickering Gelfling Clans and to act as their representative.[2]

Because of her double role as both ruler and representative, the All-Maudra was less intimate with her constituents compared to other Maudras, with most spending their entire lives never seeing her.[2]

The symbol of the All-Maudra's power was the Living Crown, consisting of seven detachable pieces which would be disassembled upon a ruler's death and later reassembled by the All-Maudra's heir and the other Maudras as a symbol of their unity.[3]

Though the title of All-Maudra was traditionally inherited by the ruler's eldest daughter,[3] it was not unknown for the ascension to be disputed. One such crisis occurred when Maudra Fara challenged Seladon for the title, with another occurring 639 trine prior.[4] Furthermore, although the majority of All-Maudras were from the Vapra Clan, as established by the Skeksis,[2] Fara claimed that this had not always been the case,[4] and Fenth apparently had a legitimate claim to the title, despite being of the Sifa Clan.[5]

The title was not revived during the Age of Power, with Kira ruling alongside Jen despite the latter being male, and being adressed as "Great Elders of Thra".[6]

Known All-Maudras[]


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