Thra during the Age of Power

The Age of Power was Thra's fourth millennium, taking place after the Age of Division. The start of the Age of Power's first century saw the beginning of a succession of crises, including a brief return of the Skeksis, the destruction of Mithra by the Great Dim, a near genocide of the Firelings by the Fire That Stays and a resurgence of the Darkening manifesting from Skeksis relics.

History[edit | edit source]

Return of the Gelfling[edit | edit source]

After being entrusted with the Crystal by the urSkeks, Jen and Kira regenerated the Gelfling race and established the Gelfling Nation.[1] After some trine, the two rulers went into a long slumber, leaving the Crystal to become an object of veneration and tribute.[2]

Second Great Division[edit | edit source]

One hundred trine into the Age of Power, the offerings to the Crystal eventually clogged the shaft beneath it connecting Thra to Mithra, causing the Great Dim.[3] The Fireling Ember Queens sent Thurma to retrieve a shard from the Crystal in order to heal their Mother Sun. She cracked the Crystal and caused a brief return of the Skeksis and urRu.[2] After a battle in Mithra resulting in the death of her Gelfling ally Kensho, Thurma healed the Crystal upon realizing the error in her methods, thus restoring the urSkeks. The urSkeks resurrected Kensho and left Thra, taking Jen and Kira with them.[3]

Fireling succession crisis[edit | edit source]

Thurma's ascension to the Fireling crown was impeded by the pretender Nita.[4] The two sought out the Fire That Stays, hoping that his training would give them the skills necessary to rebuild their kingdom, but had to turn on him when he revealed his intention to destroy Mithra. After his defeat, the Ember Queens put aside their differences and ruled jointly.[5]

Siege of the Castle[edit | edit source]

A mass of Gelfling prisoners of the crime lord Trunk were released by the resurrected Kensho, but headed to the Castle in order to take the Crystal, as they had been infected by the Darkening present in Skeksis artifacts previously used to torture them. Kensho intervened before they could be harmed by the Castle guards and healed them all. He subsequently purged the Castle of all Skeksis relics.[5]

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