Character Information
Species: Gelfling
Gender: Female
Occupation: Gelfling elder
Family: Vhant (mate)
Home: Namopo Valley
Behind the Scenes
Appeared in: Legends of the Dark Crystal

Adeth, is a Gelfling elder at Namopo Valley.  In chapter three of the first manga when Lahr first joins the elders at the round table she moves closer to Lahr and remarks:

You're showing more wisdom than our own elder pack, young Gelfling.
and chuckles as the other elders bicker over how to respond to the recent aggressions made the Garthim. She seems to sit on the fence with much of the debate in the first volume however in volume two we learn that she can be quite opinionated herself. The second volume opens up with Adeth appalled with Lahr's plans to travel to the Skeksis Castle and rescue the others pleading with him not to go insisting it to be a mad plan. Timdel suggests that since Lahr and Neffi helped them repel the Garthim that the people of Namopo Valley should in return help them rescue their villages. Adeth quickly dismisses the idea stating:
This is a fool's errand and we should limit the number of fools we send.
In the final chapter however when Lahr and Neffi and the Gelfling escapees are fleeing a hoarde of Garthim as they exit the castle they are suprised to see the Namopo Valley charging forward on the backs of Mounders to back them up. When asked why they finally came to the Castle Dirmer explains that they felt guilty so they changed their minds.